The Heath Ledger Dark Knight Joker Costume

The brilliant performance by the later Heath Ledger made “The Dark Knight” joker costume a phenomenal success. With Joker making appearances in several different fancy dress outfits, the character has popularised cross dressing and smearing excess amounts of face paint across the mouth. The two now famous sets of clothing that fans have eagerly snapped up are the shirt, waist coat and long trench coat combination that’s seen throughout the movie, based in part on the comic outfit of the Joker. The second is the nurse uniform worn in the hospital when the villain visits Harvey Dent, who later becomes Two-Face. The heavily made-up face and grimy appearance of the outfit adds a lot of personality to the role and compliments the unwashed, greasy blonde, almost green hair that flows over the schemer’s face.

The Joker fancy dress kit that is sold everywhere tends to be a very poor representation of the Joker costume as seen on-screen during “The Dark Knight”, and leans closer to the Cesar Romero version from the 60s television series. For a screen accurate version that both looks and feels up to scratch, the internet is the place to go. Cosplay and theatrical garment suppliers are the only retailers that offer a high standard and quality combo of clothing that will turn anyone into Batman’s nemesis. Acquiring this type of merchandise is obviously more expensive than a lame mass-produced version. It’s also possible that the manufacturer can create the apparel to a list of specifications provided by the consumer. This can make the kit fit perfectly and look its show-stopping best.

For a screen accurate look the full fancy dress collection should include: a long purple trench coat, a green waist coat, the now iconic blue hexagon shirt and a multicoloured checked pair of socks. Add to this a pair of leather gloves, a grubby blonde wig slicked with lots of gel or pomade, a pair of dark trousers and some winkle picker shoes to form the basis of the ultimate joker costume. The image would be far from complete without a good quality make up or face paint kit to add that extra edge. Specific “Joker” make-up sets can be purchased for the job of finishing the outfit. Building your own from scratch is possible, though it will require a substantial amount of skill and effort. To go that extra mile, why not consider buying some liquid latex to create a realistic “Chelsea smile” mouth scarring like Heath Ledger sports in the movie.