How Can I Drive Traffic to My Site From Sharing Sites Like YouTube?

If you want to drive traffic back to your site from sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Google than the first step is to plan a video that presents your message clearly and precisely. It must be short and offer solutions to the viewer’s problems. You have to prevail upon them what you can do make their situation better with the product or service you have to offer. Then you have to create the video itself. Making your own video to place on the sharing sites is not as hard as you might think. 

You can make a video to promote your website with a digital camcorder, a webcam or a cell phone with video recording capability. The camcorder will offer better quality, but the webcam and cell phone are potential options to explore. Of course you also have the option of paying someone else, like us, to create a professional looking video for you. The important thing is that you get your video with an optimized set of tags and descriptions, on as many top ranking video sharing sites that you can. It cannot be stressed enough that the video does not have to be of academy award quality but it does have to be professional and precise. You can put a million videos on sharing sites but if they lack substance and quality it will benefit no one.

However, if you place quality videos on various top ranked video sharing sites the benefits can be enormous. First of all you are getting your brand in front of millions of potential customers. The more familiar users get with your brand the better. Of course all of your videos will be accompanied by a link. The video message will drive users to utilize the link to explore your website. It is feasible on sharing sites like YouTube to get lucky (with a bit of technical skill and SEO knowledge) and have over a million views on a video. The more views your video receives and in addition the clicks to your website, the higher your site moves in the search engine rankings. Quality videos, properly placed on video sharing sites can certainly enhance the traffic to your website.